Need cleanroom doors and factory doors, leave it to SUNWIZZ.

Pioneer in the field of fittings for factories and cleanrooms

We have steadily kept creating high-performance fittings for factories and cleanrooms, since we created doors that match heat-insulating panel system for the first time in 1986.

In a satiable pursuit of high quality

There is no limit to the pursuit of functions required for fittings, let alone the quality control of manufactured products.

Unique Design, Unique Styling

What are required for fittings that are used in factory facilities of various conditions? While we try to devise products that meet the conditions required by our customers, we are striving for manufacturing products with originality that are superior in workability, in addition to good styling and usability.

We know what will be born through

We have kept bold challenges to various conditions demanded by our customers, as well as severe conditions that we have imposed ourselves. We know that this spirit will produce numerous products, and will further lead to creating new products. Sunwizz will continue our challenges.